What Summer Camping Adventure is Right for You 
Photographer: Marian Mocanu


‘Tis the season to embrace warmer weather and venture up north, admire a sky full of shimming bright stars and devour an infinite amount of sticky and sweet s’mores. Reconnect with nature and lean into the adventure that is around every corner. We have rounded up seven ways to camp - read on to find out what one is right for you. 

For the traditionalist: Tent Camping

The most classic form of camping - pitching a good ol’ tried and true tent. There is nothing quite like sleeping outdoors and waking up with the sun as the rays peak through the trees and into your tent. This form of camping is especially good for resetting your sleeping schedule, no alarm clock needed. The key here is to ensure you set up properly from the get go: set up your site with the night chill and forecast in mind, organize the different sections so that the site is effectively clean and nothing is left out at night (and thereby, not attracting any new furry friends at 3 a.m.). From setting up the camp site to telling stories huddled within a six person tent or grilling around the WG Grill - tent camping is for those who want to connect with nature the traditional way. 

For the seasoned pro: Backpack Camping 

Backpacking is the ultimate way to explore as you go. You will be constantly discovering new breathtaking sights - from waterfalls to animals in their natural habitat. As with every form of camping it is essential to be prepared, but it is especially true with backpack camping. Since there is no home base, it is necessary to travel light with a priority on packing enough food (hello dehydrated food packs!), water, and the equipment required to sleep and stay warm at night. Since there is no vehicle taking you site to site and protecting your cooler overnight, hanging food from a high sturdy tree is the next best thing. This makes it harder for animals to reach your food, especially bears. Some camps even have designated high horizontal metal cables strung between two poles, making the process a little more quick and efficient. 

Backpacker looks over a mountain lake trail
Photographer: Mich Haupt

For the adrenaline seeker: Canoe Camping 

If you’re looking for a serious workout throughout the entire trip, superior sunsets on the water and a trip off the beaten path, canoe camping is for you. Similarly to backpack camping, you will need to carry everything on you as you travel site to site. The WG Campfire Trio is especially convenient thanks to its portable, durable and lightweight design, just be sure to follow proper fire safety protocols. This adventure also provides the chance to see some amazing animals in their element like beavers and turtles. 

For the homebody: Backyard Camping 

Maybe you are itching to camp but suddenly all the campsites are booked (or not fully open due to COVID-19 restrictions), or perhaps you just like being close to home. In that case why not pitch a tent in your own backyard, arrange an easy clean up WG Grill, bring out the foldable chairs and gather around the fire for a delicious dinner with those near and dear to you.

For the cottager : Glamping 

For the explorer that finds contentment within four walls and likes the idea of running water and electricity - glamping is the choice for you. Camp within an aesthetically pleasing structure that offers some hotel-like amenities, all while being located in a beautiful lush forest destination that allows for all the same day exploring and foraging voyages that traditional camping does. 

Fancy glamping tent by a lake
Photographer: Lucija Ros

For living on the road: Car Camping 

Car camping also has four walls, they are just on wheels. This cosy set up lets you hit the open road, explore a plethora of new environments all while saving money. There is no sleeping on the ground or pitching a tent and if you find you get hungry at 2 a.m., simply reach into the trunk for a late night snack. Due to the space a car allows, you can essentially bring whatever you want without the concern of weight. Major plus, it is always dry inside and provides protection from stormy weather conditions.  


For amenities on the go: RV and Van camping  

Although this form of camping can be more expensive, it is a nice alternative for those who like to hit the road frequently and have all amenities available to them at all times. Basically a cabin on wheels, an RV is equipped with a bathroom, kitchen, bedroom (with an actual mattress) running water and perhaps even wifi or cable. This is a great option for those cross country trips where the goal is to feel sheltered from the elements of nature while being able to explore it at a seconds notice. 

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