Picanha Tacos With Avocado Salsa

Picanha is a cut of beef widely used in Brazil. It comes from the top of the rump. It's covered in a layer of fat known as the fat cap. When you properly take care of the fat on this steak it tastes incredible. And it’s way cheaper than many other prime cuts. I'm teaming it up with the easiest avocado salsa you have ever seen in your life here on a taco.

I like to use the Wolf and Grizzly Grill for this because it’s so convenient. The steak doesn’t take long to cook and it’s easy to get underneath the grill to concentrate the coals to make it hot enough to sear the steak, then to spread them out again to cook it evenly.


Picanha tacos ingredients


What you’ll need:

  • 300g piece of Picanha at room temperature. 

  • Salt and pepper, to taste

  • 6 corn tortillas

  • 1 white onion 

  • 1 avocado 

  • 1 medium-hot red chilli 


Picanha tacos method



1. Start with by searing the steak fat side down until the bottom of the pan is covered in a layer of melted fat. This takes around 10 minutes. Then flip the steak over and get a good sear on all sides. I like to take this to around 60-65℃ internally for a medium cooked steak. Remove the steak and let it rest. Keep the beef fat in the pan. We will use it shortly.

2. While your steak rests you can make your avocado salsa. Start by mashing up the avocado with a good splash of water. Season it with salt and pepper. It’s that simple.

3. Now finely chop your white onion and slice up your red chilli. Set aside.

4. Heat your corn tortillas in the beef fat until they start to get a little colour. Now we build the taco.

5. Slice your steak thinly and season with salt and pepper. Then add your avocado salsa and white onion. Finish by sprinkling in some chillies and enjoy.


Grilled beef tacos

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